Self-myofascial release is a therapeutic way to alleviate muscle tension, melt away stress, and re-align the body’s posture all on your own. Hands-on health professionals have been using myofascial release techniques to improve the health of people for years. Many people think of it as a massage by pressing on pressure points. There certainly is more to it than rubbing a sore muscle. The benefits include muscle relaxation, pain relief, improvement in flexibility, and quicker recovery following rigorous activity.

If only there was a way to have access to healing hands at your convenience. How much do the hands actually matter? One of the secrets to releasing tightness in the body is feeling the problem areas. The hands may be super powerful tools to complete myofascial release, but they only work as well as the person who knows what and where to look for places to press. Other tools can be used to create a similar and more individualized experience.

Don’t get me wrong, working with a trained hands-on therapist can change your life. This type of skill is not going to be for everybody who may need work on their connective tissues. It works well on people who have a higher pain threshold and are physically active. If you are at a point to perform your own treatment, ask for training from someone who works with this stuff everyday. Call Dr. Tom.

There are more benefits to self-myofascial release than having work performed on your body. On the top of my list, you become an active participate in the healing process. The skills you learn include how to apply direct pressure using body weight or force created by your muscles. There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens once you find a pea-sized point of resistance that produces a sensation you didn’t know was there before. Then there’s what you hear that follows… “Ooooo”, “Awwww”, “Oooofa!”

Free training video! Release the gluteus medius and gluteus minimis.

In comparison still, treating yourself can save time and money. When you want to free the stress in the shoulders, you can spend 10 minutes in the convenience of home or work. It’s that easy. No traveling involved. Athletes and hard working bodies who would benefit from regular treatment can save money by learning how to do release tightness on their own.

The secrets behind having magical hands are now available to you. Ask Dr. Tom how you can be successful as self-myofascial release.

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