Do more, go more.

A physical disability is when a person is not able to participate in an activity that supports their society role like they could before. Physical disabilities come in all shapes & sizes. They can be unique to the individual, however they all result in a loss of access to things they use to do & places they used to go. Naturally, this creates a sense of wanting to do more, go more.

Physical Therapy is the health profession that applies the science of healing & the art of caring to promote movement of the body. My PT will Educate, Prevent, and Treat the physical impairments, functional limitations, & disabilities so you can heal better, live better.

What do you want to do more?

5k / 10k / 1/2 / Marathon


Family Duties

Exercise Classes

Training Programs

Where do you want to go more?

Visit Family & Friend’s Homes



Grocery Store

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