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My PT is a private cash-based Custom Physical Therapy practice that serves clients when PAIN attacks muscle and joint function. We provide therapeutic solutions wholistically to help the body HURT LESS and MOVE BETTER.



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My PT Are you a teacher? Are you a student athlete? Need Physical Therapy during school vacation? My PT can tune up your body to relieve those aches and pains. Take this time to heal and recovery sprains, strains, and stress. We have experience working on muscles and joints from head to toe. Call (413) 268-4230 to learn about our openings.


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Does your body need a tune up (teachers)?

Movement of the muscles and joints act mechanically in a lot of ways. Dr. Tom Naro practices Joint Mobilization to align and center major joints like the shoulder, hip and knee.

A critical part of aligning the body, including the neck and back, is to reset muscle tension. This key to having a tune up can be easily overlooked by other health care providers.

For example, a client with frozen shoulder improves quicker when the ball of the shoulder can be pushed back to the center position of the socket. However, if the muscles under the arm do not cooperate enough to stretch, they will throw the joint out of alignment. Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise become a winning combination.





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Updated PT Openings for Monday February 10th

PT Openings for Tuesday February 11th

Call or text (413) 268-4230 to schedule



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Tired of dealing with insurance companies?

My PT allows clients to be seen WITHOUT health insurance, WITHOUT a referral, and WITHOUT going anywhere first.

We give clients 2 options to SAVE money on follow up sessions. This offers affordable options that makes it easier to budget for a Custom Physical Therapy plan. Plus, our rates are extremely competitive to HIGH DEDUCTIBLE insurance plans.

AND... clients can choose SPECIALTY treatments WITHOUT having to pay extra add ons. It's all covered in a 1-hour private one-on-one session.

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Want a PT appointment today?

Updated Openings for Friday Feb 7th at


Call or text (413) 268-4230


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Don't like going to the doctor?

There might be many reasons for that. Doctors' offices get a bad reputation because of the constraints placed on them from insurance companies. Health practices end up creating a quota for the work day which means there is less time to see each person.

That only raises anxiety. Not knowing if you are being heard. Not knowing if you are getting the correct care. Not knowing if you trust what's happening. This can be quite serious. Learn more here... www.nbcnews.com/better/health/real-reason-going-doctor-gives-you-anxiety-ncna795566

Clients who "don't like doctors" tell Dr. Tom they don't get as much time with their doctor as they want. They also say they get passed around, never seeing the same person when they go. If you value having a positive doctor-client relationship wouldn't you need to invest more than 5 or 10 minutes with a person?

My PT gives all clients 100% of their attention for an entire hour. Dr. Tom Naro listens to his clients' symptoms, stories, and thoughts. In our doctor-client relationships, we work together to meet your goal to heal better, live better.

You don't need to be scared of this doctor.... mypt.us/dr-tom-naro/


2 weeks 4 days ago

Why travel far away or pay extra for Dry Needling? You can have it local!

My PT offers Dry Needling (DN) to treat pain and movement problems. Dr. Tom Naro has practiced DN since 2010 which includes advanced training. He is confident with finding Trigger Points and treating the head, neck, spine, arms, legs, hands and feet.

DN is only one service offered to My PT clients. It is used as part of the therapy, rather than being the entire focus. The body dynamically changes which means that after a DN session, the body will re-calibrate itself. So we give valuable exercises so clients can capture the benefit in between weekly sessions.

Not sure if DN is right for you? Take a look at our DN Q & A.



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Do you have pain in your heels when you get out of bed in the morning?

If you said yes, then chances are you could have Plantar Fasciitis. This is a painful foot condition where the thick fibrous connective tissue from the heel to the arch becomes inflamed.

It can be caused by flat feet, weak foot muscles, being overweight, standing too much, heavy lifting, and footwear with bad support. Here are some tips to manage Plantar Fasciitis.

1. Maintain an acceptable weight. Each step we take sends 1.2x our body weight through our feet. So extra weight can cause damage and delay healing when walking is painful.

2. Do a shoe audit. See which ones are worn out so you can replace. Worn out shoes are not supportive like they were when first trying them on. If you see holes through the sole, stop wearing them.

3. Stretch your calf and foot muscles. After damage happens to the Plantar Fascia, the surrounding muscles shorten. Lengthen the foot and calf to align connective tissue for healing, before and after activity.

Finally, here's a solution to Plantar Fasciitis that will literally treat the pain and train the muscles of your feet every step you take.

Custom Foot Orthotics support the feet. They work by cradling the heel, contouring to the arch, and distributing pressure points evenly. My PT customizes Foot Orthotic for clients with a heat molding process. You could be fit with comfortable, affordable Foot Orthotics in an hour.

Learn more... mypt.us/custom-foot-orthotics/



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Is all pain the same? No. There are many types of pain felt by the body. My PT recognizes pain as a negative emotional experience felt by a person through symptoms.

People don't always understand that they may actually be in pain without knowing it. That's because the body is equipped with ways to compensate for symptoms before they are expressed.

Pain from a muscle can be achy and sensitive with movement. Pain in a joint could be similar, but symptoms would be located at the joint rather than in the fleshy muscle. When pain becomes sharp like a knife, there might be a tear. All types of qualities to pain can tell us what's going on under the skin.

Other symptoms that often get reported in Physical Therapy are burning, numbness and tingling. These are signs that a nerve is compressed or irritated. All of these are types of pain we evaluate and treat at My PT.

The most important part of recognizing that symptoms exist is learning more about them. When our bodies don't feel right, there is an underlying problem that creates the initial symptoms. The longer you wait for those symptoms to go away, the symptoms become layered from compensation factors. Each compensation can come with it's own problems as well.

At the first sign of a problem with your body, get it checked out. When pain affects how your muscles and joints feel or move, Physical Therapy is a good first stop to see what's going on. Injuries dont always need an accident to cause symptoms. That's because the body is changing as we age and as we vary our lifestyle.

Read more at mypt.us/pain


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Need to avoid surgery on your back, shoulder, knee, or hip? The body has a tremendous ability to heal when set up for success. Physical Therapy can help prevent surgeries.

My PT helps clients avoid surgery by teaching ways to not fear movement and how respect the pain. We work to balance muscle strength and flexibility. At the same time, we help to center joint alignment and train the body how to stabilize in place.

To be honest, it's not an easy road to follow. It takes a commitment to oneself. Working with a dedicated Physical Therapist who listens to individual concerns creates a positive atmosphere to heal.

We make it possible to be heard with 1 hour, one-on-one sessions with Dr. Tom Naro. Even if you have been through Physical Therapy before at 1 or more clinics, you may have missed out on possible solutions.

How come? Because not every PT treats the same, not every PT clinic allows enough time for clients to be heard, not every PT clinic looks at the whole picture, and most insurance companies create barriers to clients getting the care that they actually need.

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