Location & Info

By appointment Monday – Friday

Private Sessions & Group Training Events

My PT Clinic

108 Congamond Road, #120 Southwick MA 01077

Show Circus Studio

150 Pleasant Street Suite 313 Easthampton MA 01027

House-Calls are available to the Greater Springfield area where My PT conveniently meets you at home.

On-Site Physical Therapy & Injury Prevention take place in the office or out in the field in the Greater Springfield area.



My PT Clinic $100 for 1 hour session*

Show Circus Studio $125 for 1 hour session (schedule here)

House-Calls $125 for 1 hour private session

On-Site Physical Therapy $150 for 1 hour group or private session

PROMO through August 2019

My PT office $75 for 1 hour session*

House-Calls $100 for 1 hour private session*

My PT avoids the “red tape” from insurance companies who have created a modern rehabilitation environment directed by policy rather than principles of the body. When you need a trusted health professional that specializes in the everyday health and function of the muscles and joints, you should go somewhere you “feel like number 1” rather than “feeling like a number”. My PT focuses care on you and your goals, 1 on 1.

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