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Need a body fix?

Custom Physical Therapy by My PT to help clients’ bodies:

Hurt less.

Move better.

Do more, go more.

Prevent injuries.

Heal better, live better.

Unlike today’s PT clinics, where clients feel like another number, My PT makes clients feel like #1. We understand that 1-to-1 treatment with the same provider who actively listens, makes the most sense when working toward personal goals to improve physical well-being in a timely manner. We work with clients to identify the underlying cause of the problem in order to have the best results for healing and recovery. That’s why we practice Custom Physical Therapy.

My PT Concierge:





On-Site Physical Therapy

Quality of life can be measured by how your body feels. When we hurt, pain can range from just noticeable, to a distracting level, to so strong it disables the body’s functions. My PT gives your body the option to feel and function at the standard of living that is right for you.

“From the injuries I feel and the ones I don’t, My PT showed me how to balance healing with living my life, the way I choose.”  – Mary T., lower back injury client

Each client relationship is based on a Physical Therapy approach to educate, prevent, and treat with a goal to optimize physical function, comfort, & productivity. 

These icons present our approach to fixing your body. The reality of healing an injury while also living your life will be different from the next person. Also, many cases demonstrate the root cause of a sign and symptom can be understood so well that the problem causing the injury can be avoided in the future. The treatments that help you get over an injury are often the same treatments that prevent injuries from returning or ever starting in the first place. A person who is injured finds best results by respecting the healing process from start to end. It helps to know a person trained in injury prevention, healing and recovery of the musculoskeletal system to be the “mechanic’ your body needs when it matters most to you.

How can My PT help me?

  • Learn the cause of my symptoms
  • Enhance my body awareness and posture
  • Prevent injuries at work or home or play
  • Stay active for my entire life
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery
  • Treat my irritating old injuries
  • Build confidence in my movement

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Dr. Tom Naro


Licensed To Practice Physical Therapy 
Massachusetts, Connecticut, & New Hampshire

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