We Treat Pain and Train Movement

My PT is a private Custom Physical Therapy practice that serves clients when pain attacks muscle and joint movement. We provide wholistic therapeutic and functional solutions to help the body hurt less and move better.

Virtual Custom Physical Therapy

Click here for the full Questions & Answers page on Virtual Custom Physical Therapy, a way to have PT at a distance.

We are once again offering PT at a distance for residents of MA, CT, and NH. Virtual Custom Physical Therapy by My PT is now available at a fraction of the typical in-clinic rates.

Start a conversation by sending your email address to us via email or text.
(413) 268-4230

Does My PT take insurance?


We accept payment from Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and AUTO insurance. We also take cash, credit cards, and checks.

Click Location and Rates for more information.

Our Approach

Clients are educated about their condition after an examination from a Doctor of Physical Therapy (PT). To optimize healing, we teach how to prevent making the problem worse while still making progress with physical recovery.

The PT treats the symptoms, balances muscle and joint function, and builds confidence in movement. Our personalized Home Exercise Programs train clients how to maintain functional alignment and control pain without prescription drugs.

Who is My PT?

Dr. Tom Naro Physical Therapist, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

How can My PT help me?

  • Relieve my pain
  • Learn the cause of my symptoms
  • Enhance my body awareness and posture
  • Prevent injuries at work or home or play
  • Stay active for my entire life
  • Avoid unnecessary surgery
  • Treat my irritating old injuries
  • Build confidence in my movement

Where can I find My PT?

Our CLINIC is located at 108 Congamond Road Southwick MA 01077 where we schedule private sessions and group training. Google Maps will find “Physical Therapy near me”.

What else does My PT do?

Injury Prevention Training for commercial accounts.

Injury Prevention Training at Show Circus Studio

My PT is proud to be the official Physical Therapy partner for Show Circus Studio in Easthampton MA. Private sessions can be SCHEDULED for circus teachers and students from near and far.

“From the injuries I feel and the ones I don’t, My PT showed me how to balance healing with living my life, the way I choose.”  – Mary T., lower back injury client

Ready to schedule?

CALL or TEXT (413) 268-4230


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