Custom Physical Therapy

by Dr. Tom

Heal better, live better.

Heal better, live better because there’s more you can do than ignore the symptoms your body is telling you. Dr. Tom is trained to hear what your body is saying and guide you back to physical wellness. Not only does he treat pain and train movement, he partners with clients to create a Custom Physical Therapy plan to achieve life-long health goals.

My name is Dr. Tom Naro and I began My PT in 2017. I’m not like other doctors and health providers. I go beyond the restrictions and limitations created by the health insurance companies. My clients are the center of attention where their goals become results. Read more about Dr. Tom.

Is remote work hurting your body?

A recent survey found 7 out of 10 remote workers have been injured while working from home since COVID stay at home orders (Lenovo July 2020). Are you a business manager with remote workers who are at risk for an injury while working from home? Want to learn how to prevent aches and pains caused by remote work?

FREE Office-Ergo Online Training 

5-Minute Preview of Dr. Tom Presenting

Preventing Work-At-Home Injuries During the Pandemic with Dr. Tom

Living with bad posture?

What can I do about my foot pain?

Were you hurt in an accident?

Why choose My PT?

Clients who experience changes with how their body moves and feels choose My PT to heal them back to activity and wellness. Dr. Tom offers:

  • Custom Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment – A wise choice when you want to improve the health of your muscles and joints. Dr. Tom will help fix minor discomforts, pains, muscle or joint problems, posture issues, muscle weakness, numbness or tingling, flat feet, dizziness, falls, headaches, sprains, strains, tears, difficulty walking, stiffness, decline in function, recovery from car or motorcycle accidents, degenerative conditions, sports injuries, and most orthopedic and neurological conditions. Take charge of your body’s health and work with a doctor of Physical Therapy to make you feel whole again.
  • Office Ergo Assessment and Training– Computer workstation ergonomic assessment and training reaches out remotely so Dr. Tom can easily see what your home (work) office looks like. Prevent symptoms before they turn into an injury. Together we can improve poor posture, improper set up, and technology challenges that put workers at risk to get hurt, even at home.
  • Self Myofascial Release Training – Releasing tension in the muscles and connective tissue relaxes the nervous system where stress is stored. The techniques can be accomplished by applying force strategically into myofascial points which are often referred to as knots. Dr. Tom will show you how to heal yourself with these professional skills.

Read the Blog by Dr. Tom.

How do I schedule with My PT?

Tell your story to Dr. Tom and he will hear your goals to improve the physical health of you or someone you care about.

Dr. Tom explains a sample of his powerful healing skills.

What are My PT’s services?

COVID-19 Update – Clinic Re-Opens

Where can I find Physical Therapy near me?

My PT Clinic is located at 108 Congamond Road Southwick MA 01077

Does My PT take insurance?


We accept payment from Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, and AUTO insurance. We also take cash, credit cards, and checks.

Location and Rates

“From the injuries I feel and the ones I don’t, My PT showed me how to balance healing with living my life, the way I choose.”  – Mary T., lower back injury client

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