My PT is not your typical Physical Therapy company. It’s for businesses and individuals who want to learn how to move their bodies the right way, figure out the underlying problem when something hurts, and have a relationship with a health provider that is down to earth, empathetic, and knowledgeable about the body.

The foundation of My PT’s approach to Physical Therapy is to Educate, Prevent and Treat. Many injured people become fearful of moving because they do not want to make the problem worse. This can lead to compensations and bad habits that create new problems. My PT investigates and identifies the contributing sources so a plan with goals can be developed as we work together for a successful outcome.

People move in predictable ways and that forms the body over time. Understanding the little movements, patterns, and behaviors of our lives is how My PT keeps treatment specific to the individual and finds the problem. 

No referral needed. No red tape with insurance companies. No drugs prescribed.

Offering private sessions at locations in Southwick, Springfield, and East Hampton

House-calls welcome in the Greater Springfield Area

On-Site PT available to groups/companies in the Greater Springfield Area

*Licensed: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire

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