Does My PT take insurance?


We accept payment in cash, credit/debit cards, checks, Health Savings Accounts, and Flexible Spending Accounts. Payment is due at time of service. For those hurt at work, suffered a personal injury, or injured in an automobile, motorcycle, or boating accident, My PT will work with the insurance company where the claim was filed.

Clinic Rates

$100 per hour – Normal Rate – We offer 2 savings options so clients can plan their savings with Physical Therapy for the year. You can pay with HSA, FSA, cash, credit, or check.

$75 per hour – Gold Plan – $100 annual charge, save 25% every session

$85 per hour – Silver plan – $30 annual charge, save 15% every session

*Virtual sessions are also available at the same rates.

Virtual Office-Ergo

Speedy Office-Ergo Check ($50) is a 15-minute virtual assessment to look at the biggest problems computer users face today! It saves you time on guessing how to improve comfort at your computer workstation!

Computer Workstation Ergonomic Assessment ($100) is a 45-minute virtual assessment that critiques several major elements of your workstation and provides training to prevent you from getting hurt on the job.

Group Computer Workstation Training ($150) is a 75-minute virtual assessment of a group of (3-6) co-workers who collectively learns from each other’s virtual workstation ergonomic assessments.

Insurance Claims

WORKERS COMPENSATION – If you filed a claim on a work related injury, we will bill directly to the insurance carrier provided we have: the claim number, date of injury, doctor orders for PT, and insurance contact information.

ACCIDENT – If you were hurt in an accident and filed a claim against the automobile, motorcycle, boating, or commercial insurance company we will bill directly to them provided we have: the claim number, date of accident, the state where it occurred, and the insurance contact information.

On-Site Physical Therapy

For commercial clients interested in a professional relationship to prevent injuries with workers. Training coverage can include:

  • Construction ergonomics
  • Electrician ergonomics
  • Office ergonomics

$150-$200/hr plus mileage plus educational materials

Licensed To Practice Physical Therapy

Massachusetts and Connecticut