Location and Rates

Where can I find Physical Therapy near me?

My PT Clinic is located at 108 Congamond Road Southwick MA 01077

Virtual Custom Physical Therapy

$75 per hour

Available for all residents in MA and CT. Begin a healing conversation with Dr. Tom by email, phone or text!

(413) 268-4230

We ask for payment upfront through Square invoicing. All major credit cards, HSA and FSA cards accepted.

Clinic Rates

$100 per hour – Normal Rate – We offer 2 savings options so clients can plan their savings with Physical Therapy for the year. You can pay with HSA, FSA, cash, credit, or check.

$75 per hour – Gold Plan – $100 annual charge, save 25% every session

$85 per hour – Silver plan – $30 annual charge, save 15% every session

Auto Insurance

Clients injured in an automobile accident may have AUTO insurance cover the cost of treatment. We will need the claim number, date of accident, the state where it occurred, and AUTO insurance information.

For AUTO insurance cases we will bill customary and standard rates to your AUTO insurance carrier. Before we start, we will verify with the insurance company that PIP is activated on your open claim.

We have experienced NO PAYMENT from AUTO insurance therefore, in the event the insurance denies the AUTO claim, clients will be financially responsible to pay for services.

(413) 268-4230


Remote Computer Workstation Ergonomic Assessments ranging between $75-$150/hour.

Show Circus Studio

Stay tuned for updates about group training.

On-Site Physical Therapy

For commercial clients interested in a professional relationship to prevent injuries with workers. Training coverage can include:

  • Construction ergonomics
  • Office ergonomics

$150-$200/hr plus mileage plus educational materials

Licensed To Practice Physical Therapy

Massachusetts and Connecticut

Ready to schedule?

CALL or TEXT (413) 268-4230

EMAIL info@mypt.us

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