Custom Physical Therapy

We specialize in Custom Physical Therapy. First, it begins with an initial evaluation to understand the problems in the body. Then, our treatments are suggested based on individual needs. There are 3 categories of our treatments which are Therapeutic Exercise, Manual Therapy, and Therapeutic Modalities. Many times, clients benefit from a combination of these treatments based on symptoms, response and preference.

Therapeutic Exercise

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic Modalities

What makes it “Custom” Physical Therapy?

People come in different shapes, sizes, and abilities. We each have our own history, beliefs, and motivation for the life we’re living. So, it only makes sense to understand the therapeutic needs of each body varies person to person and throughout a lifetime.

A Custom Physical Therapy evaluation investigates the signs, symptoms, stage of healing, and functional limitations of each client. Personalized treatments can then be recommended.

Sometimes a person has more than one problem they want to address. Cutom Physical Therapy will work on multiple parts of the body because we understand the body is all connected. And we will address functional problems related toany type of activity whether it is personal, recreational, sports, or work.

What makes Physical Therapy at My PT different from Physical Therapy at other PT clinics?

As an independent-private PT company, we chose to provide services that would bring the best healing to our clients at a value they expect. That’s why we went cash-based. We have freedom to treat our clients for all of their muscle and joint pains or functional needs. We give the time to listen to what is really going on.

Insurance companies create so many rules that have carved out PT clinics to treat the masses and be quick about it. Having insurance to cover PT is not the same for everyone and that makes it a challenge to treat everyone the way each needs to be treated. Instead, most PT clinics will create a system where clients are treated all the same. That’s a problem for My PT and for clients. Again, this is why decided to stay true to our training to heal clients the best way we know.

How can we have PT during the COVID-19 self quarantine?

Virtual Custom Physical Therapy provides a solution with PT-at-a-safe-distance.

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