Dr. Tom Naro

Thank you for visiting the My PT website. My name is Dr. Tom Naro and I began My PT in 2017. The concept of Custom Physical Therapy has been part of my practice since starting in the PT field in 2006, but never felt more true than it does now. My PT clients quickly find out that I’m not like the other doctors and health providers they see. I am a good listener, practice patience, I am optimistic, open minded, truthful, and always striving for positive results with my client’s progress.

I also focus just on the client, not the “red tape” and “hoops” created by the health insurance companies. Too many clients in my career have slipped through the cracks, been denied care they obviously needed, suffered from delayed care, and restricted treatments. Not to mention failure to reimburse the provider makes it challenging when trying to embody one’s passion. When clients work with me, we can center our attention on the healing.

Ever since I was a young boy I felt a calling to help people heal and recover. I was inspired by my mom to get into the health sciences. Mary Naro was in the first graduating nursing class at Holyoke Community College and had a career as a Registered Nurse at Holyoke Medical Center for over 35 years. With the love and support of both my parents, Mary and Vinny, I have been on a quest to be the healer I envisioned so long ago.

There have been many periods of growth in my career. Below is a short list of my professional trainings that have defined my practice today. And if you are so interested, you can download a copy of my curriculum vitae to see even more.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that we all have choices when it comes to our health. Some injuries and disease can be prevented by being mindful about caring for the body. People don’t plan to get hurt or lose their physical abilities. When they do they don’t always know what to do. I am here to help those people heal better so they can live better. It takes a small commitment to achieve major results. I would appreciate being your guide to return back to living life at the standard you desire.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have questions about being a My PT client by voice/text (413) 268-4230 or by email tom@mypt.us.

Dr. Tom Naro


Mission Statement: My PT leads clients to better health through movement and wholeness.

Value Statement: My PT offers Custom Physical Therapy plans that are developed together with the individual’s goals in mind.

My PT is a healer who inspires the local community to have an active life full of physical wellness success.

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