Posture and Ergonomics

Our bodies function in an asymmetrical world where one size does NOT fit all. Stress will wear and tear parts of the body just from the everyday movements which can lead to painful conditions. One way to reduce the chance of developing a painful condition in today’s world is through the practice of Posture and Ergonomics. It can correct the underlying problem by teaching self-awareness to find the less strenuous options

What is posture?

Posture describes how a person holds their body during an activity. This could be sitting upright in a chair or slouching over a desk.

What is/are Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a science that studies how a person adapts to their environment to use the best possible posture during an activity. Not only do we use ergonomics as a way to modify the way a person uses their posture, but also addressing work practices, tool selection, workstation set up, and protective equipment. The point of course, is to prevent injuries.

How can changing Posture and Ergonomics help?

  • Prevent specific injuries
  • Promote healthy culture
  • Improve safety
  • Save money
  • Keep working and playing
  • Improve body awareness and confidence

Who teaches Posture and Ergonomics?

Dr. Tom with My PT teaches private and group lessons on Posture and Ergonomics. Private lessons are either in the Southwick clinic, during a House-Call, or with On-Site Physical Therapy.

Posture training is fundamental with recovering from an injury. Most of the time, clients have weak posture muscles and stiff backs. We mobilize the spine and stimulate posture muscles.

Dr. Tom teaches Posture and Ergonomics training for:




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