Dr. Tom Naro

Hi! I’m Dr. Tom Naro, creator of My PT. I was born and raised in Westfield, MA with my mom Mary, dad Vinny, and older brother Tony. Ever since I was a young boy I felt a calling to help people heal and recover. It was my parents who inspired me to enroll in the Physical Therapy program at Springfield College after graduating Westfield High School in 2001. I learn best with a hands-on approach and that’s exactly what I practiced on my final internship. Once I experiences my clients healing from manual therapy skills, I discovered my calling was Physical Therapy.

Starting Out

My career began in 2006 on the seacoast of New Hampshire. While working full time I completed the 2007 residency program with the Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in Woburn, MA. This is where my manual therapy skills truly developed. Then I continued my studies in 2010 to receive a transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy (tDPT) from A. T. Still University.

I was fortunate to have learned from some of the best PT’s in the field. Many live seminars focused on the examination and treatment for the neck, shoulder, back, foot, and ankle. My favorite training has always been the hands on experiences like Spinal Manipulation and Dry Needling. One of the best learning experience came when I taught various Doctor Physical Therapy students how prepare for the profession.

Stepping Up

From 2012-2017 I was a partner, manager & primary PT at Coppola Physical Therapy Farmington, a private outpatient clinic in Farmington, NH. We were able to grow the clinic’s reputation as a source of excellence in Physical Therapy and attention to patient care. Today the clinic continues to grow in volume and value.

In 2017, I relocated back to my roots in Western MA when I began My PT. The format of the company allowed for a combination of personal and professional freedom. The emphasis was On-Site Physical Therapy. To advance my skill-set I trained as a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist I, I, & III (CEAS III) and Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (AOEAS) through The Back School®.

Since My PT is cash-based, I decided to grow my network outside of physician referrals. It began with meeting Lisa Totz from LT Consulting at the recommendation of my wife Melissa. My network development lead to joining a local chapter of BNI (Business Networking International) which is part of My PT’s grassroots. LT Consulting continues to be a valuable resource for success as one of My PT’s trusted professional business associates.

Settling In

Not only did I work on my networking skills, I needed to challenge my thinking. I joined the Round Table discussion group through the Family Business Center (FBC) lead by moderator, Ira Bryck. The group is made up of business leaders who learn from each other by asking the right questions and sharing personal stories. As a side effect of surrounding myself with intelligent and well seasoned professionals, I discovered My PT’s first clinic in Southwick MA. We officially opened the brick and mortar My PT location in September 2019 following renovations.

Followers know that My PT continues to provide House-Calls and On-Site Physical Therapy like Office-Ergo training. I will be on the road most mornings and then in the clinic for the afternoon and evenings. Scheduling is by appointment so feel free to call, text or email me directly.

Healing On

My goal for My PT is to be a trusted healer and health resource for the local community. To help myself stay on track, I developed a set of Core Values and Keystone Habits that I call Dr. Tom’s Wholistic Alignment Tool. I have it placed somewhere I can see it everyday as a reminder of my of what I believe truly makes me whole.

Dr. Tom Naro


Want a free-copy copy of Dr. Tom’s Wholistic-Alignment Tool?

e-mail info@mypt.us with Wholistic-Alignment Tool in the subject with Wholistic-Alignment Tool in the subject

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