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What myofascial tools does My PT recommend?

#1 The Vector by T-Pin! is the Swiss Army knives of foam rollers. It is hands down, by far, the most effective, auto-myofascial release tool on the market, with a finger-like touch & precision like non-other. Dr. Tom gives his two thumbs up & My PT STAMP OF APPROVAL!

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#2 Percussion therapy at it’s finest. The Theragun G3 bringS the G-factor to muscle therapy & My PT is equipped to help you heal better, live better. Unlike other percussion therapy tools on the market, the G3PRO is quiet & delivers 60psi, at a 16mm depth, for 40 beats per second. The Theragun redefines technology assisted physical therapy.

Text My PT at 413.268.4230 for a 10% discount link for your personal version of the Theragun

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