Office-Ergo Assessments takes an ergonomic look at a person’s office work station for the common and not-so-common mechanical imbalances. Posture and behaviors that put a person’s body at risk for injury can go unnoticed until symptoms get out of control. Remote workers are at a higher risk for injury because of a need to adapt to home furniture and laptops to create a new workstation. And if you are working from home is new to you, then you ought to ask yourself these questions…

Is your home computer workstation working for you… or against you?

Does your neck hurt looking at your computer?

Do your eyes get tired at the end of the day?

Are you feeling pain at the top of your shoulder?

Is your hand feeling numb or tingly when using the mouse?

Is your back getting tight from sitting?

Now Virtual!

My PT can help you quickly fix the problems caused by a less-than-optimal computer workstation. That’s because we now provide Virtual Office-Ergo Assessments. Using a video chat ergonomic assessment approach, you can feel better with personalized suggestions on:

  1. Posture while working from home
  2. Workstation set up and modifications
  3. Workstation equipment upgrading
  4. Exercises to reverse the strain on your body
  5. And other ways to treat your specific symptoms.

Just using your smart phone or electronic device to video chat to show My PT what your work-at-home computer station looks like. You can learn what mistakes can be addressed immediately for relief and piece of mind.

Office Ergo Assessments are conducted by Dr. Tom, a trained Advanced Office Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. Click for rates (HSA and FSA accepted).