Q: What is physical therapy?

A: Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that assesses the body’s ability function during everyday movement and the specific tasks that an individual needs or wants to improve. 

Q: Who provides physical therapy at My PT?

A: Dr. Tom Naro is the Physical therapist who owns and operates My PT. Click here to learn more.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Here’s the plan. The office is open Monday through Friday 1pm to 6pm*. We do House-Calls and On-Site Physical Therapy in the morning hours. All sessions are scheduled by appointment. We now offer online scheduling for established patients.

Q: What insurance plans do you accept?

A: My PT works with auto-insurance for those involved in automobile accidents. We are a “Out-of-pocket” practice with competitive rates.

Q: Can I use my health savings account or flexible spending account?

A: Yes. My PT is considered an IRS approved medical expense which qualifies for using your “Benny’s” card. This sometimes is called an HSA card or an FSA card.

Q: Why doesn’t My PT take regular health insurance?

A: My PT puts our clients’ first. We decide together what your body needs without wasting time, money, and energy “jumping through the hoops” and “red tape” rules created by the insurance company. We are autonomous which means we do our job 100% on our own because we can. We do what we do best because we know how the body works and we won’t let a third party control our practice style.

Q: What if I have a high deductible health insurance plan?

A: Most of the time people will have to pay $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 in deductibles before the plan will pay for the visit. So, if you only need a handful of sessions then using your insurance may actually cost you more out-of-pocket than working with My PT. We also have promotions periodically that you can save more by working with My PT.

Q: Can I submit My PT physical therapy sessions to the insurance company myself to get “credit”?

A: No. We do not credential with health insurance companies. We want to maintain an open relationship with you that is not restricted by the ever-changing rules and demands from insurance companies. If we did, we would not be able to provide quality standards respectful to the body.

Q: Why does My PT take auto insurance and not health insurance plans?

A: Automobile insurance policies have limited rules that encumber a person’s medical care. My PT can easily send in claim information and be paid directly from the insurance company. The one major “road block” that may be faced happens in the event of certain injuries needing more care than coverage allows. This leads to benefits being exhausted and then out-of-pocket care takes over. 

Q: What ages does My PT work with?

A: My PT works with children ages 8 years old and up. If you have a younger family member with a specific Physical Therapy need to address, just ask us if we can accommodate. The oldest we’ve worked with has been in their 90’s.

Q: What genders does My PT work with?

A: We work with all genders.

Q: How do I prepare for my first appointment?

A: Relax, you will be in good company, someone you can trust talking to. First, we ask for your basic information by filling out a form online or with our tablet in the office. Please be ready to answer specific questions about your health needs including details about movement issues, pain, other symptoms, past medical history, medications, and any diagnoses you know about. Also, My PT wants to discuss your immediate and long term goals.

Q: What should I wear for my sessions?

A: Wear something comfortable that allows for easy movement and also exposes the area we want to examine and treat. If you have a problem with your leg or foot then it helps to bring a pair of shorts with you to change into. If you have a problem with your arm or hand then a short sleeve shirt helps. Usually if you have a shoulder problem, women will wear a tank top or sleeveless shirt whereas men may just remove their shirt at some point during the session. In cases of back and hip problems, a paper-gown will be provided to help maintain modesty. Please, inform My PT for any specialty considerations to make you feel more comfortable.

Q: How do I make an appointment with My PT?

A: Call (413) 268-4230 or e-mail info@mypt.us to set up a day, time, and location for a private or group session with My PT.

Q: Do I need a referral to be seen by My PT?

A: No, you don’t. My PT is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire where there is direct access to Physical Therapy, so you don’t need a referral to have Physical Therapy.

Q: Does My PT take my insurance?

A: My PT accepts credit, debit, check, exact cash, and medical HSA & FSA. If you were involved in an automobile accident, we can send bills directly to your automobile insurance carrier. 

Q: What are HSA & FSA ?

A: My PT services are medical services and therefore recognized by the IRS to use your HSA or Health Savings Account & FSA or Flexible Spending Account money. We accept payment through your HSA or FSA debit card showing the VISA symbol.

Q: What type of ergonomics assessments does My PT perform?

A: Ergonomic assessments work well for employers who wish to identify and reduce injury risk to limit or stop work related injuries. Assessments can be made for office workers, laborers, manufacturing, assembly, warehouses, delivery services and most other work duties.

Q: What kind of injuries do you treat?

A: My PT treats orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, work related injuries, automobile injuries, degenerative conditions, neurological conditions and ergonomics injuries. If you’re not sure about your injury, contact My PT to have a conversation about what you think you need treatment for.

Q: How do you prevent injuries?

A: My PT takes a wholistic approach to injury prevention. There are several factors that aid in injury prevention which are similar to injury recovery. Top of the list includes delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body for optimal energy production. Then there are the mechanical factors associated with injury risk the body faces on a day-in-day-out basis. These internal and external factors will contribute to the risk of having an injury.

Q: Why would a person want to have physical therapy?

A: Physical therapy is recommended for anyone who wants to prevent an injury, improve physical function lost from an injury, illness, or disease, anyone who wants to avoid orthopedic surgery, stop an old injury from returning, and manage pain without addictive medication. Physical therapy is important for most people who need to recover their physical capacity following a new injury, after a surgery, from degenerative changes in the body or other chronic conditions. Keep in mind, sports athletes and industrial athletes need special attentive because of the demands placed on the body are more than people in general.

Q: Is My PT office accessible for people using a wheelchair?

A: Yes. There is a ramp to enter the office as well as a newly renovated wheelchair-accessible restroom.

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