Q: How do I make an appointment with My PT?

A: Call (413) 268-4230 or e-mail tom@mypt.us to set up a day, time, and location for Dr. Naro to deliver Physical Therapy directly to you.

Q: Do I need a referral to be seen by My PT?

A: No, you don’t. The states where My PT is licensed, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, there is direct access to Physical Therapy which allows you to be seen without a referral from anyone.

Q: Does My PT take insurance?

A: My PT accepts payments through Workers’ Compensation carriers (requires pre-authorization) and Automobile carriers.

Q: Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for My PT services?

A: Yes, you can! My PT services are medical services and therefore recognized by the IRS to use your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account money. We accept payment through your HSA or FSA debit card showing the VISA symbol.

Q: Does My PT go to gyms?

A: Yes! Gyms are a perfect place to consult with My PT. With the permission of the gym’s management, My PT can make an appointment with you at your gym. Also, My PT offers an injury consultation program for gym members. This is an excellent way to maintain memberships when an injury could cause a suspension or cancellation of a gym membership. Gym owners can contact My PT about setting this up for their members.

Q: What type of ergonomics assessments does My PT perform?

A: Ergonomic assessments work well for employers who wish to identify and reduce injury risk to limit or stop work related injuries. Assessments can be made for office workers, laborers, manufacturing, assembly, warehouses, delivery services and most other work duties.

Q: What kind of injuries do you treat?

A: My PT treats orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, work related injuries, automobile injuries, degenerative conditions, neurological conditions and ergonomics injuries. If you’re not sure about your injury, contact My PT to have a conversation about what you think you need treatment for.

Q: How do you prevent injuries?

A: Injury prevention takes a holistic stand point. There are several factors that aid in injury prevention which are similar to injury recovery. Top of the list includes delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body for optimal energy production. Then there are the mechanical factors associated with injury risk the body faces on a day-in-day-out basis.

Q: How does a virtual consultation work?

A: First, contact My PT to set up a day and time where both you and Dr. Naro can conference from the convenience of your personal computer or laptop (must meet the minimum necessary requirements). Then you will start the consultation face to face. It’s just like a real visit with a PT: interview, tests, assessment and then make a plan. You can return for follow-up visits using the virtual connection so you can progress to meet you goals. This is great for follow up visits after an on-site evaluation.

Q: How far does My PT travel if I need you to come to me?

A: My PT is willing to travel 1-2 hours from the office depending on the request. The territory includes Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. An extra charge may apply for travel time over an hour and you will be made aware of this ahead of time.

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