On-Site Physical Therapy

On-Site Physical Therapy is ideal for a working team dedicated to the productivity of a company. A worker who gets hurt outside of job still needs to clock in the next day.  What does the company offer to keep that person healthy for work? Addressing an injury sooner is better than later. That’s because the more time that passes, potentially the worse the situation can get & that can become costly. Here’s why…

  • Less productivity to compensate for the injury
  • Person may need to leave work if it gets worse
  • Owner may need to pay for coverage to maintain productivity
  • The worker returning from an injury may develop bad habits
  • A life-long injury develops & hurts the worker in the wallet

My PT will go to your work-sites to perform an evaluation that includes:

  • An interview of personal complaints
  • Movement tests
  • Clinical diagnostic tests
  • Work-station ergonomic assessment
  • Education on findings 
  • Recommendations on corrective actions
  • Treatment as needed
  • Follow up plan to assess progress
  • Adjust plan as necessary
  • Confidential reporting 
  • Anonymous company injury tracking
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