My PT is a contractor for a local utility company as part of an Ergonomics Program. Dr. Tom visits different groups of workers in the field and leads mobility routines. In cases when a worker has an injury, whether work related or not, he consults. Every month, new ergonomic tips are provided to the workers.

What is On-Site Physical Therapy?

On-Site Physical Therapy can be one or more Physical Therapy services that are completed for a company in the office or in the field. Services may include Posture and Ergonomics training, group exercise to prevent injury, individual consultations, and wellness presentations.

Who needs On-Site Physical Therapy?

On-Site Physical Therapy is ideal for a working team dedicated to the productivity of a company. The workers who have particular risk for injury at work will benefit the most. From sedentary jobs to physically laborious positions, there are risks in any industry.

For example, sitting behind a desk at a computer station carries the risk of neck pain, shoulder pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A different example would be back strain injuries from awkward lifting. This could happen with workers in construction, warehouses, and nursing.

How does a company know when they need On-Site Physical Therapy?

Job activities that are complained about at work carry a risk for injury at work. Sometimes workers will use words like “sore”, “tired”, “numbness”, and “awkward”. It would also be a sign if there seems to be a trend of injuries and job turn over because of challenging demands.

Why would you consult for a non-work related injury on company time?

In any case, addressing an injury sooner is better than later. A worker who gets hurt outside of the job still needs to work, but the injury could slow them down and even lead to time off.

Providing a consult at the work site gives the worker a familiar setting to receive a information right away about how to manage their injury. Plus, a good program will have weekly visits in place so the worker will have ongoing management of their injury.

This is obviously a progressive mind-set. Large companies who have highly valued workers understand the importance of keeping the team healthy and productive. On-Site Physical Therapy stimulates a culture of healthy behaviors and attitudes that carries a message of “we care about our workers”.

How do I set up On-Site Physical Therapy at my work?

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What are your rates for On-Site Physical Therapy?

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