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October 21, 2019

Dr. Tom has been working with me for a few months, a long term cyclist, mountain biker and triathlete and he has listened, investigated and identified the root cause of the symptoms that have been making me uncomfortable these past few seasons. I love his educate, prevent and treat approach, which sometimes is treat, educate, prevent to ensure that I am back at it as desired as soon as possible. -Lisa T., client

October 16th, 2019

Tom is knowledgeable and cares about his patients needs, spending the time and effort needed to provide the desired healing. -Stan S., client

October 15, 2019

Tom is among the best of the best! When it comes to assessing and treating an injury, Tom’s easy manner helps him connect with his patients as a person; and his high level of expertise guides him to the best solutions for their rehabilitation! Tom also keeps on the cutting edge professionally, as he designs rehab programs utilizing the very best tools available! -Mark D. , Owner of T-PiN! Muscle Therapy

August 27, 2019

Dr. Tom is an integral part of my wellness team. We worked together to develop an exercise plan to build strength and be pain free.

When I started seeing Dr. Tom, I was having terrible pain in several areas of my back. Dr. Tom listened to my concerns with genuine caring. He taught me exercises to do to release pain upon occurrence and to build core muscle. I followed Dr. Tom’s treatment plan and did the exercises he recommended. Today, I am pain free. And, tomorrow, if I do something to tweak my back, I have the tools and skill set Dr. Tom taught me to correct it.

I highly recommend Dr. Tom. He is incredibly smart and knowledgeable. He continually studies and learns in the best interests of his patients. With Dr. Tom’s guidance, combined with self discipline to follow through with the exercises, I believe any body can live life free from pain. -Mischelle S., client

July 27, 2019

As a Registered Nurse, health and wellness is something that I teach to all my patients. I also strive daily in my personal life to practice what I preach. After nearly two years of suffering from decreased range of motion and debilitating pain in my shoulder, neck, and back, as the result of a sports-related injury, I was desperate for relief. I had endured three failed attempts of physical therapy over the last twenty-two months which only exacerbated these symptoms. 

With no end in sight, I had two MRIs, an EMG, and several X-rays. All negative. I had gone for acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, massage, and orthopedic appointments extensively in hopes that I would be pain-free, and, at some point, be able to resume an active lifestyle. However, this was not the case. I continued to suffer in pain and began to grow tired and hopeless. Willing to try anything, I sought out a dry needling practitioner. I was given Dr. Tom’s contact info by a referring therapist who explained that, due to the nature of my injury, I needed a practitioner with an advanced skill level.

I contacted Dr. Tom to make an appointment. Following my first session, I was extremely pleased with the results. I experienced a significant decrease in pain, and in the mental anguish that stifled my hopes for recovery. I am thrilled to say that in just a short amount of time working with Dr. Tom I have made significant and steady gains. I continue to improve each session after nearly two years of absolute hell. I am feeling much better these days. I know that I will fully recover with Dr. Tom’s help and guidance.

Dr. Tom is very different from the “run of the mill” physical therapist. He has provided me with care and treatment that is individualized, and patient focused. This type of care is precisely what most will need but will not find at a typical physical therapy rehabilitation clinic. I can only say that I wish I found him sooner. He is a highly skilled therapist; a great educator, and he has restored my faith that I can recover. He has undoubtedly motivated me to do so.

As a healthcare professional, I highly recommend Dr. Tom. I will continue to work with him for all my physical therapy needs. Dr. Tom will work for you, keeping your health and wellness at the top of his agenda. He deserves to be recognized for all the great work that he does and for the healing services that he provides. FIVE STAR RATING! – Daniel V., client

May 15, 2019

For those of you who don’t know Dr. Tom Naro; well…you should! There are several therapists who do the same thing for patients every visit. Heat, ultrasound, massage and give stretching and strengthening.  All good things to do and incorporate in treatment. But with Dr. Naro you also get spinal manipulation or joint manipulation when your joint feels and in fact is, stuck.  Have a trigger point or “knot” that you need to just go away? Dr. Naro is certified in Dry Needling which uses a very small needle, that you barely even know goes into the muscle, and literally a minute or two later the knot is gone!  This takes traditional Physical Therapists or massage therapists several visits to resolve and involves a lot of pain as they push through several structures to get to the painful knot area. He also makes CUSTOM foot orthotics for under $100.00.  So what I am trying to say is he is a true one stop shop with many tools to choose from for all your Physical Therapy needs.

You may ask why I know so much about Dr. Naro and his talents? Well I am a fellow PT who worked with Dr. Naro for years and he frequently treated prominent physicians in the area, nurse case managers, and I trusted him with my wife’s care (I’ve learned early on to never treat your spouse)! Heck he is who I had treat me! If you have your own Primary Care Physician, own Dentist, own Optometrist, you should have your own Physical Therapist. The one you choose may very well be the difference between getting better or not. So choose wisely and choose My PT… Dr. Tom Naro. You will not be disappointed. – Dr. Steven Coppola, PT, DPT/Founder, Coppola Physical Therapy

May 10, 2019

Dr. Naro has been a blessing in my life! For years I have suffered from various issues such as lower back pain, joint pain, and fibromyalgia to name a few. Under Dr. Naro’s care I have noticed significant improvement, higher levels of energy through the day and even longer walks. As part of the care plan there have been changes to some of my day to day routines that have made my life easier. I have learned to listen to my body! The seat cushion and lumbar roll have improved my car rides! The pain level while driving is still there just not as intense. The shoe insert gives me benefits on most days. It’s a matter of time before I get used to it. Overall I’m happy with the care, advice and guidance from Dr. Naro! You will definitely heal better and live better!  – Carmen R., client

April 23, 2019

Dr. Tom is helping me rehab my shoulder after a dislocation. The exercises he gives me to do are helping me get stronger and he is very encouraging about my progress. – Julie M., client

March 2, 2019

Dr. Tom rescued me from extreme pain re-emerging from a torn rotator cuff injury that was left untreated after the original injury. He used dry needling to release the horrible spasm that kept me from sleeping at night. Within 24 hours from treatment, the pain subsided and I was on my way to healing, the right time, this time! Back to my old self strength and getting the most out of my active lifestyle! Thanks Dr. Tom! – Melissa G., client

October 12, 2018

Tom was very effective in guiding me back to functional wellness. He is experienced in several modalities, and through empathetic listening, close observation and deep knowledge, he could address the issue from initial pain through recovery and then maintenance. – Deborah A., client

July 3, 2018

I work in the food service industry and am on my feet for long hours. My back was not holding up with the abuse to my feet. I met with Tom of My PT and he evaluated my feet, observed my gait and was able to fit orthotics for my shoes. Since then, I have less pain in my feet, legs and back and am able to stand on my feet for longer hours without being in pain at the end of the day. Thank you so much Tom for making it easier for me to work and enjoy what I do!! – Dede M., client

July 2, 2018

I have been a patient of Tom Naro’s for about 6 months. I was struggling with hip and back issues that Tom was trying to help me with, but had the disc herniate with an extrusion. Tom has since helped me get back on my feet and able to function much better than I was. I look forward to a long healing process using Tom’s service. I would be quite happy to provide a reference or referral for Tom at any time. He’s a great professional, with great bedside manner, always happy to answer all my questions, and I ask many, as I want to know everything that is going on with me. – Stan S., client

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