Spinal Manipulation

There are many forms of manual therapy that have helped people for hundreds of years. My PT practices a core set of manual therapy techniques that have proven effectiveness. One of those skills is call Spinal Manipulation.

Why would you use Spinal Manipulation?

The little joints of the spine normally slide back and forth during movement. Sometimes the pressure around the joints build up from compression, muscle tension, or poor posture. A pocket of gas collects under the pressure and gives a sensation of being “stuck”. Manipulating the stuck joint can provide immediate relief.

Spinal Manipulation can be used both as treatment and examination for:

What happens during a Spinal Manipulation?

A Physical Therapist may assist with posture and mobility of the spine by treating with a Spinal Manipulation. A client will be positioned on the treatment table so a small and quick movement can be applied to the neck or back.

The manipulation happens when the stuck segment is moved quickly one way and the pressure is released. The result usually comes with a sound like a “pop,” “snap”, or “crack” followed by “Ahhhhhh”.

How long does the feeling of relief last after the “crack”?

The release is immediate and relief can last 20 minutes to a couple of days. It all depends the level of tension in the joints that build. The neck and back are put under stress everyday which feels like stiffness, pressure or tension. Poor posture can make stress worse, too.

Should I crack my own neck and back?

We do not recommend you attempt to manipulate your own neck or back. There are hidden dangers in what looks like a simple trick. We practice safe techniques and we suggest you do as well. Learn more from here.

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