How do you move? Mostly the same ways everyday. Please, don’t forget that. For the rest of your life, expect to move in & out of your bed, on & off the toilet, brush your teeth, bathe, get dressed, text your friends, like Facebook pages, etc. Does it matter how you move each & everyday? Yes! So, how can you move better?

Physical Therapy is defined by My PT as the process to train & model the functional elements of the body. One of the primary measurements to track progress is through the quantity & quality of movement. My PT understands that quality of life can depend on the functional productivity & personal contribution within each unique bio-psycho-socio-cultural demographic. Let’s take a step back for a moment…

A body in motion stays in motion. OK, so what don’t you know about motion or movement? In the PT biz we like to say “motion is the lotion” to the joints and connective tissues. That’s because of the synovial joint fluid that nourishes the cartilage each time the joint capsule is stimulated. Synovial fluid is non-Newtonian, Rheopectic¬†fluid which means it will thicken overtime from joint movement to provide a stronger cushion. Here’s a great reason to “warm up” before activity, to protect the joints & muscles.

In contrast to synovial fluid, the extracellular matrix (ECM) is the fluid-filled space between cells throughout the body. The ECM has a thixotropic effect which thins the fluid in response to shear force (from movement or direct pressure) making the tissue lubricated. This explains why stiff muscles and fascia respond to hands-on treatment by becoming looser.

When movement is full and free, our body perceives this as normal. But when the “signals” go off in the body, we don’t alway recognize a relationship between what we did & how we feel. That’s because the body adjusts its movement to avoid making things more damaged or painful. The compensation the body makes over time can lead down a road of pain, dysfunction, and disability. A trained “body mechanic” can help determine the cause of symptoms so you can come full circle on turning off the “warning signals” & prevent them from returning.

My PT specializes in:

Custom Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal Function

Ergonomic Assessments

Dry Needling

Custom Foot Orthotics

Spinal Manipulation